Jersey City (Hudson County, New Jersey)July 5, 1999. On a day when the combined effect of temperature and humidity reached 112 degrees, and the city dealt with an water emergency causing the city's fire prevention unit to close all fire hydrants around the due to low pressure. The final blow came with a urgent request from car 61 @ 20:58 hours as car 61 request a full box assignment to a ft. of Linden Ave east. where car 61 reported a 100 X 75 1 stry brick fully involved with multiple explosions. Fire Dispatch transmitted District 918, which sent E 13-19-22-8 Trk 8-4 Res -1 Sqd -4 Batt -2 and Dep -1. Batt 2 upon leaving quarters advised Fire Dispatch he had a heavy smoke condition in the area. Eng 13 was first on the scene reporting a comm'l 100 X 75 1 stry brk fully involved with fire reaching 100' in the air. Upon arrival Batt 2 transmitted the 2nd alarm which included car 26 (Gong Club fire canteen). Also upon arrival Deputy 1 transmitted a 3rd alarm, directing the 3rd alarm batt chief to be the drafting coordinator as two (2) Eng companies from the 2nd & 3rd alarms would draft from the Hudson River. A defensive operation was taken as high tension electical wire became involved and the PSE&G companies were busy with various black outs throughout the city. Deputy 1 requested EMS forthwith due to firemen becoming overcome with heat exhaustion. The Jersey City Medical Center responded with the mutiply casuality unit.

The actual fire building sat on the end of the street which was extented by an old pier which was being utilized by a junk yard.

Their were several firemen transported to area hospitals due to heat exhaustion, however nobody was serious injured.