On Tuesday 07/20/1999 the Sharon Springs FD in Schoharie County was activated around 15:45 for a working barn fire on Slate Hill Road. MA requested for tankers from Cobleskill and Carlisle. The nearby home was an immediate exposure hazard but did not become an issue. The fire building was used for storage for the family, not any kind of dairy operation. Dry hydrant on this road was used to refill tankers. Mutual aid backin service at 17:00. Young child credited with saving his family pet from the burning building..not smart but we all know this happens daily...and the local press headlines its story with this fact. No known injuries, no cause immediately known.

Sharon Springs response:
Engine 1521 at the scene
Engine 1522 filling tankers at dry hydrant
Tanker 1541
Rescue 1561

Tanker 2031

Tanker 5041
Rescue 5061