CHARLESTON, SC - City of Charleston Fire Department dispatchers received an
original report from a Charleston Police Officer as well as multiple 911
alarms for 31 Cannon Street (originally reported as 27 Cannon Street).
Initial response of E6, E15, T4, & C3 was sent to that location.

Upon arrival of E6 (E6's station is located at 7 Cannon Street and just a
little over 1 block away from this location), that Captain reported heavy
fire conditions and advised he was pulling 2.5" right off the bat. T4 & E15
arrived at the same time and E15 backed down to the scene to lay out 2.5"
as well. T4 was ordered into the air for operation.

C3 called for E3 almost instantly after seeing the deterioration of the
house as well as the exposure to two other houses. E3 arrived and stretched
2.5" also. E8 was ordered to the fire to lay lines to T4. E15 had laid one
2.5" to T4 and was hooked to the hydrant on the corner of Coming & Cannon
Streets, but was unable to supply any more from that particular main. E8
laid to the corner of Coming & Spring Streets and was then able to supply
T4 sufficient enough for both nozzles in T4 to be used.

E11, while relocating from their station in West Ashley to Downtown, was
ordered to the fire just after that. E11 arrived and also laid out 2.5"
hose, and used 24 sections to lay to a hydrant on Spring Street (another
main & also the next closet hydrant). E2 was later called for manpower. E10
was called to the scene and was left available to respond from there while
assisting the other companies in returning their equipment for service. T1
was also called to the scene to assist with refilling SCBA cylinders.

This house was a two-story wood frame (unknown square footage) with a
tin-roof. Exposures to either side had received considerable damage prior
to Company's arrival, but were saved through the quick action of E6, E15,
E3, & the other first-arriving companies. I am not sure the exact
temperature last night, but I can tell you that it was WARM. The humidity
was almost unbelievable and there was very little wind. One Captain was
transported by C3 to Saint Francis Hospital for a back injury, though it is
not believed that his injury is career-threatening.

C5 (Arson investigator) was called to the scene to help determine cause,
but it was unknown at time of this report. 31 Cannon is almost totally
destroyed and I would think the cause is going to be hard to ever know for

Units responding-E6, E15, E3, E8, E11, E2, T4, T1, C2, C3, C4, C5,
Charleston Police, SCE&G (Power Company)

Units relocating-E12 (to Central Station), E10 (to Coming Street), E19 (to
Station #12)