Monday July 26, 3rd battalion city firefighters, and Washington County firefighters were busily trying to beat the heat. Routine incidents were being handled most of the morning. At approximately 1310hrs.Washington County fire and Rescue recieved a 911 call reporting smoke coming from the building, unit block of west Franklin St. Arriving firefighters found a 4 story building with heavy fire in the second floor apartment. Units attempted to make an agressive interior attack, when the 3rd battalion shift commander arrived to find fire in full possesion of the rear 4 floors of the building, with a portion of the facade coming down. Units abandoned the interior operations. A second alarm was transmitted. Units went to work with search and rescue of exposure buildings that by this time were being severely threatened by the rapidly extending fire. Several lines were used for exposure protection, along with a masterstream attack on the fire building. Eventually several special calls would be dispatched to the scene for additional resources and manpower. Fire and rescue personnel were hampered by several factors, temperatures in the upper 90's, and eventually over 100, downtown tenement area, and narrow alleys. The building is a total loss, however firefighters were able to prevent the fire from spreading to attached exposures. Roll call: 1st alarm, E-2,1 and 3,Trk-1, utility 3 and Battalion 3(HFD). Special Call Trk-4 (HFD). 2nd Alarm E-4,5 (HFD), E-101(Funkstown Fire) PM-753,751 Rescue Squad 75 (CRS Hagerstown) FM-2, FD-1 and FD-2 (HFD fire marshalls office and administration. Special Call E-271 (Longmeadow Fire)Unit 255 (Rehab), Unit 252 (AIR), PM-268 (Halfway EMS)and duty 75 (CRS shift supervisor.