081199: A 3-alarm plus fire heavily damaged a large, 5 story industrial building at the Dana corporation plant in NW Reading, injuring 5 firefighters and causing the evacuation of neighboring homes. The building used by the company in its painting operation was heavily involved on arrival. Units needed long hose lays to support the numerous master streams used to battle the fire.Three county companies assisted all of the city's units in bringing the fire under control in 3 & 1/2 hours.The cause is being investigated and initial damage estimates have been placed at between 4 & 8 million dollars.
Call log:
1757: Box 2162--Dana Corporation paint shop @ 100 W. Union St.
E11,3,9, & 1 , L3 & 1, R1, Medic 8 & 9, C3
1757: E11 reports heavy fire & smoke showing from their station
1759 : E11 on location with heavy fire showing from a large industrial building, 2nd due engine to lay a line, C7 responding
1806 : 2nd alarm by orders of C3 (DC Moyer) E5,13, & 14, Sn1, C1
1836 : Special Call county Company 10 (5 inch company)
1849: 3rd alarm by orders of C3. E12 & 8, L2, C-2,8 & 9
1900 : R2 on scene operating, also County company 51 rehab unit
2033: Special call county company 2 (Tower Ladder)
2137 : Fire under control by orders of C-1 (Chief of Dept Rehr)

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