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    Post Carlisle NY/Rescue/Near amputation of Hand

    Friday 08/13/1999 @10:18AM the Carlisle Rescue Squad was toned for a severely cut/amputated hand on Mickel Road. A 30 year veteran well driller had nearly amputated his left hand. Farm workers on the scene applied direct pressure to minimize bleeding. Arriving EMT's in Carlisle Ambulance 2091 ordered an air ambulance from Albany Med Flight, our nearest Level 1 trauma center. By land, this is a 45 minute drive to this facility. Rather than wait for confirmation of Med Flight, the patient was loaded and an intercept was set up for Duanesburg airport, about a 15 mile trip by land. The helicopter had already set down and was waiting for the handoff at the airport and it took less than 5 minutes . Airtime back to the trauma center is only 8 minutes. Our rescue squad was impressed during the handoff. Once our rig stopped, all the doors flew open and the Med Flight medics and nurses were inside. They literally bring the ER to your scene.

    I'll update this post once I learn the patient's diagnosis.

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    Couldn't you have used a better terminology for the patient transfer than "hand-off"

    Sorry, couldn't resist

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