The Fort Run Volunteer Fire Dept. in Greene County in N.C. responded to a natural gas fire at a residence at 315 AM on Sunday, Aug. 15 along with mutal aid depts. Shine & Bull Head VFD. The 1 1/2 story home was ablaze outside on the side upon fire dept. arrival at which time Chief Neil Johnson attacked the fire with a 1 1/2 inch hose line and knocked the fire down. The gas meter was fully involved with fire when the fire department arrived. The departments had to ventilate the house to contain the fire which had spread to the the attic and roof. The house had several double ceilings. The fire was eventually controlled. Fireman on the scene used positive pressure to rid the house of smoke. Fireman also controlled the gas leak by turning off the valve. The meter was found to have ruptured beside the house from an apparent lightening strike. The residents safely escaped the house although one of the residents had smoke inhalation and was treated by Fort Run EMS. Three fireman were overcome with heat exhaustion and were also treated by Fort Run EMS. The fire was contained to the one side of the house and attic. A fast response time by units allowed the fire to be controlled early. Heavy humidity in the area was a major factor in the gas leak which had a very strong smell of gas in the area. No evacuations were needed. The fire is still under investigation. Chief Johnson credits the successful operation to a fast response time and cooperation among all the departments on the scene.