A small pallet factory in the town of Inverness in Sunflower County, Mississippi was the scene of what would rapidly become a 4-Alarm fire with a special call for manpower from a neighboring county. At 12:39pm, a fire was reported at the pallet factory. The fire involved a portion of the factory, and was spreading to their outdoor pallet storage area. An estimated 378,000 cubic feet of oak wood pallets were stored outside. First arriving units from District 2-Inverness found approximately 1/4 of the factory and 2/3 of the outdoor storage area involved. Immediate requests for additional alarms brough in District 1-Indianola, District 3-Moorhead, District 4-Sunflower, the Isola Fire Dept from Humphreys County, and a special call for manpower from Leflore County firefighters. Initial attack efforts were futile against the massive wall of fire. Efforts were quickly directed to adjoining commercial properties - separated only by a 20-foot alleyway. Working under extreme conditions, with the fuel load only feet away, firefighters were able to save surrounding properties with only minor damage occurring. Firefighters worked some three hours to bring the fire under control to release units; other personnel remained on the scene until 9:30pm monitoring the remaining pockets of fire.