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    Post General Alarm-Holyoke, MA

    General Alarm-Holyoke, MA 8/29/99 approx. 2015 hrs. a fire that started in 2 5-story abandoned apartment buildings spread to 11 other buildings, including a 3-story apartment building, a church and it's rectory and a 3 story rowhouse.

    Photos can be found at Fire Apparatus/Fireground Photos on the "First to the Web" page.

    Ed Burke
    Boston Citywide Fire Radio Car 173

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    Ed, two kids, ages 12 and 13, were arrested for this fire. One kid had set the building on fire a few months ago, released to his family. I have some shots of the fire but no way to get them online. Send me your address and I'll mail em out to ya!
    FF Brin

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