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    Post Alert 3 @ Logan

    Tuesday, Sept.7, 0855 Hrs.- The FAA Control Tower at Boston's, Logan Int'l Airport notified the Massport Fire/Rescue Dept.(crew 4) of a U S Airways B-757 on Runway 22L with blown tires. All apparatus responded and found the aircraft's right main gear tires had blown with fire showing. Engine's 3&6 from station 2 were quickly on scene and used their roof turrets to attempt to put out the fire, but soon found out that the aircraft's engine were still on. Fire Command talked to the pilot via ground radio and had him shut his engine's off. At that time, E-1 crew deployed 200' of 1 3/4 line and put out the fire while the other truck's stood by to protect the area in case anything else happened. Firefighter's from station 2 heard the noise and responded right away while the A/C was still landing. The A/C had 178 passenger's on board. No injuries to FF's or civilians.


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    ..and all this was accomplished as the flight crew and passengers watched from inside the plane no doubt? Betcha there were some concerned folks for a bit when your plane is surrounded by fire equipment.

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