Cincinnati Fire Division
District 1 Media Release


This is a report on an incident involving numerous injuries as a result of
a motor vehicle being driven trough a crowd attending the Oktoberfest 99
special event. There were a total of 22 people injured, and transported to
local hospitals as a result of this incident. Two of the victims were
police officers. Additionally, there were seven victims treated at the
scene. They requested not to be transported to the hospital.
At approximately 8:13 PM on 9/19/99, fire companies were dispatched to a
report of multiple injuries in the location of 5th and Main Streets. Upon
arrival at the scene fire personnel confirmed numerous injuries, and a
request for additional Emergency Medical Service (EMS) units. A request for
mutual aid from nearby fire departments was transmitted in support of fire
companies on the scene.
There were 45 Fire/EMS personnel utilized at this incident, and were on the
scene approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.
For additional information regarding this incident, please contact District
1 Fire Chief Gary Scott at 352-2311 or District Chief Jerry Lautz (rescue
1) at 357-7511.


Cincinnati Fire Division
District 3 Media Release

Media Contact: Release Date: 9/19/99
District Chief Glenn Coleman Time: 2:40 AM
Fire Investigator Lieutenant Dan Wolf

This is a report of a two-alarm fire at the Cincinnati Zoo, 3400 Vine
Street, in the Avondale area of Cincinnati, which occurred on 9/19/99 at
2:40 AM.
Upon arrival, firefighters encountered a large volume of fire in a stage
area, being used for the Jazzoo concert. The fire had spread to a large
wood auditorium type structure, the Peacock Pavilion, next to the stage
area. The first arriving fire company transmitted the second alarm. An
aggressive attack by firefighters brought the fire under control within
thirty minutes. The stage area was destroyed, and the Peacock Pavilion's
storage area received significant fire and smoke damage. The cause of this
fire is undetermined at this time, but fire investigators will be at the
scene today to attempt to find a cause.
The estimated loss at this incident is $200,000.
There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters. Also, there were no
injuries to animals kept at the Zoo.
There were 48 firefighters utilized at the scene for 3 hours 30 minutes

For any additional information regarding this incident, please contact
District Chief Glenn Coleman at 352-2333 or
Fire Investigator Lt. Dan Wolf at 352-4991

Cincinnati Fire Division
District 3 Media Release

Media Contact: Release Date: 9/20/99
District Chief Mose Demasi Time: 12:30 AM

This is a report on a 2-alarm fire that occurred at 319 Glenwood Avenue, in
the Avondale neighborhood of Cincinnati. The fire occurred at 12:30 AM when
the occupant of apartment 13 was deep frying food in his kitchen. The
grease became overheated, and ignited the cabinets above the stove. This
fire quickly spread to other contents of the apartment. Heavy smoke spread
throughout the building, trapping several of the other occupants.
Seven people were rescued by firefighters. One family of two adults and one
child was displaced by the fire, and relocated by the Red Cross. There were
38 firefighters needed to extinguish this fire, and they were on the scene
for approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.
Fire Apparatus Operator (FAO) Michael Walker sustained minor injuries after
he slipped from a ladder.
There were no injuries sustained by any of the occupants of the building.
Estimated damage at this incident is $40,000.

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