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    Thumbs up Ridge, NY Car fire with a twist

    Sunday Sept 19th, 1999 approx 15:30 hrs Ridge FD Engine 3 responded
    to a working car fire. Big deal you may say, except that there was
    a little twist to the story. After the fire was extinguished I noticed
    that there were two of our probies standing there, Danny Townsend and
    Jamie Sasek without turnout gear on. I then took a second look at the
    car, it was Danny's car that Jamie had been fixing. Apparently there
    was an electrical short that ignited a fuel supply.
    Oops, guess Jamie's not getting the District Mechanics job !!
    P.S. Nice job on the knockdown by the guys on Engine 3. (I won't list
    them, it'll go to their heads )

    Submitted by Ex-Captain Ian Wood

    I am trying to figure out how to include the picture.

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    We are a humble group on engine 3 led by Capt. James Chianese and on the attack line was FF James Callaghan backing him up was FF Anthony Morabito secondary line Artie Vansicklin backing him up was EX-Capt Ian Wood and our mpo was Brendan O'Neil good job all around.


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    Special thanks to Engine 3 and the above for there efforts to save the teddy bear that was driving. Although the efforts failed and the bear didn't make it, GREAT JOB, guys! Have fun tooling the remains at drill.

    EMT D.Townsend

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