Philadelphia Pa 9-23-99

2341 Hours- Tac. Box-1545- Germantown Av & Sharpnack St
Fire reported at 25 W Upsal St

Squrt-9, Pipeline-19, L-21, L8, Batt-9

2346 Hours- Batt-9 reports 3 story twin 40 x 60 med. smoke and fire 2nd floor.

2347 Hours- Medic 10 is dispatched

2349 Hours- The Box Is Filled Out
E-37, E-73, Batt-2, Rescue-1, Deputy-2

2357 Hours- E-35 cover Squrt-9, P-61 cover E-73, Pieplne 50 cover Pipeline 19, Tower Ladder 18 cover L-8

0004 Hours- Air Unit 2 is dispatched.

0011 Hours- Batt-9 reports med. smoke on 2nd & 3rd Floor, companies checking for extentions.

0017 Hours- Special call for E-35, Piepline-61, and Tower Ladder 18.

0026 Hours- 2nd ALARM IS STRUCK BY DEPUTY -2

Pipeline50, E-63, Squrt-72, Task Force-29, Medic-5, Field Comm-2

0034 Hours- ES-5 is dispatched

0036 Hours-Pipeline 34 cover Squrt-9, L-14 cover L-8

0039 Hours-Deputy 2 reports heavy fire is now showing, and part of the rear wall has collasped. All companies are now moving to an exterior attack.

0059 Hours- SA-1 is Responding.


Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers