On Wed sept 22nd at 2332hrs the Beaver Falls Fire Dept responded to a dwelling fire with possible entrapment. The first officer on scene reported a working fire with heavy fire on the 1st and heavy smoke on the 2nd. Neighbors reported two children trapped on the second. A near riot occured as F/F's arrived due to high emotions and violent bystanders. Crews were nearly physically attacked while trying to operate. Police used K-9's to controll the crowd.A crew entered the 2nd via ladder under extreme heat and near flashover to perform rescue while an agressive attack and search of the 1st was taking place. Two children, ages 3 and 3mos were found severly burnt on the first floor. In all 5 people including 4 children were thrown and jumped from the 2nd. Three occupants escaped the 1st floor also. Several occupants were injured including the mother on the second floor who jumped and sustained a broken leg and ankle. A firebomb was thrown through a first floor window where the 3yr old was sleeping. The fire was contained in 15mins and the police have a suspect in custody. Two F/F's suffered minor injury while searching the 2nd floor. A CISD team was utilized to debrief F/F's.