montrose county,colorado
At approximatley 1400 hrs Delta fire resonded to mutual aid to olathe co.fire district for an explosion and fire at the Louisiana pacific waferboard plant located 7 miles south of Delta along US HWY 50.apon arrival of the Delta units Olathes fist engine was just arriving followed by Delta and afew miniuts later an engine company and tower1 from montrose fire dept arrived.
Heavy smoke was showing from all areas of the building but there were no flames visible at the time.
There was a report of a person still trapped in the building apon arrival,Delta fire initiated a rescue and was unsuccessful on the first try.Victim was found on the second try on the second floor catwalk unconcious,he was then later pronouned dead on the scene.
It took 4 hours,4 engine companys,2 ladders,1 rescue,and 40 firefighters to extinguish fire.Fire is still under investigation by the montrose county sherriffs dept.and the colorado bureau of investigations.