Fire activity in Reading during the last few days:
10-11-99 : At 1524 hours Box 18, 7th & Bingaman streets was transmitted for a dwelling fire at 739 Neversink Alley. Responding on the box was E5,1,9, L1, R1, Medic 7 and C-1. E5 reported smoke showing from their station and arrived to find a 2&1/2 story EOR dwelling located in a narrow alleyway with fire on all floors.Numerous 1&3/4-inch handlines were used and the fire was contained to the building of origin. The fire was brought under control in 1 hour and caused minor injuries to 3 firefighters. Damage was estimated at $25,000 and was believed to have been deliberately set.
10-12-99: At 1628 hours box 65, 11th & Oley streets was transmitted for a dwelling fire at 630 Mulberry street, Responding on the box was E9,13,8,L3,Sn1,R1,a medic unit and C1,2, & 9. Companies arrived to find smoke showing from the 1st floor of a 3 story MOR dwelling. The kitchen fire was quickly knocked down with a 1&3/4-inch line. The fire was placed under control in 15 minutes and caused moderate damage to the 1st floor. No injuries were reported and a damage estimate and cause was not given.
10-14-99 : At 1033 hours, box 2159 , the Dana Corporation storage yard at 325 W. Spring street was transmitted for a large unknown type fire in the yard. Responding on the box was E9,1,5,L1,R1,Medic 7, C1 & 2. Units responding observed a large loom-up about 3 blocks south of the box location. After difficult access, E9 reported a railroad car in the center of a large train heavily involved in fire. The car contained hundreds of railroad ties and was in line next to a propane tank car.The train was partially spanning a bridge over the Schuylkill River. Train personnel uncoupled the car and pulled it to a more accessable area were firefighters spent hours using 1&3/4 and 2&1/2-inch handlines and detergent to extinguish the fire. E8 was special called at 1137 hours to drop off additional cans of detergent. The fire was placed under control at 1205. A damage estimate was unavailable, Smoke from the fire blanketed most of the west end of the city for more than 2 hours.
10-14-99: At 1127 hours (while all-hands were still being used at box 2159), box 161, St. Bernadine street and Greenway Terrace was transmitted for a dwelling fire at 330 St. Bernadine street. Responding on the box was E14,3,13,Sn1,Medic5 and C2 & 9. Units arrived to find heavy smoke showing from a 1&1/2 story single family dwelling, with fire extending from the 1st floor into the attic area. L3 was special called at 1133. Companies used 1&3/4-inch handlines and through aggressive engine and truck work brought the fire under control in 30 minutes. No injuries were reported and a damage estimate was unavailable.