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    Cool Station involved in MVC Hit & Run

    In the early morning hours of 10/17, the West Oneonta, New York Fire Station became an MVA victim. Chief Walt Schmitt received a phone call from the Otsego County Dispatch Center advising that a car had just struck the station. On investigation, Schmitt found that a car had left State Route 23, jumped a 6" curb, crossed the lawn and hit the front corner of the fire house, resulting in severe damage. The vehicle then left the scene, driving across the lawn, headed toward the City of Oneonta. Crews were called to the station to assess the damage and assist with cleanup, while the New York State Police began a search of the area. Neighbors reported a description of the vehicle, which lead to a vehicle being impounded from the State University College at Oneonta campus. The vehicle showed severe front end damage, barely driveable due to the lack of a front right tire and a severely damaged rim. Cleanup crews confirmed the vehicle's identity by locating the front license plate, found under the pool table in the firemen's room.
    Damage to the station included a window that now resembles a door, a pool table, a multi-purpose exercise gym, a billboard, and a stereo. Damage estimates are high, but are still being compiled, according to Schmitt.
    The West Oneonta Fire Department provides Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services to the residents of the West Oneonta Fire District as well as providing mutual aid services to surrounding volunteer agencies and the City of Oneonta.

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    Did anyone take pictures ? Was there a local news report on this?

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    Yes, we took several pictures both 35mm and digital. As for the local newspaper we tried several times sunday morning into afternoon to get a reporter over. the last time we tried was about 2:30 in the afternoon. Thier news desk receptionist said the 5 reporters on for the day were covering the crop walk and that they felt it was more important. The local newspaper is called the Daily Star. I have mentioned to their reporters before that they should drop Daily out of the name, as its reporting is more like that of a tabloid. In the past we have tried getting coverage for events and if you dont call 2 weeks in advance its too bad. The local radio stations did a good job of reporting. If anybody wants pics emailed to them contact myself and i will try to send them. wofire@dmcom.net stay safe

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    Forgot in above message. Their reporter did call and leave a message on our answering machine at 7:20 pm sunday night. He then called monday about 1:45 in the afternoon about it, at which time i told them not to worry it was all taken care of. thanks

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    What a mess it was. Need some guard rails on that corner.

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