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    Red face FDJC Gets a workout!!!!!

    Jersey City, NJ (Hudson) At 18:20 hrs Fire Dispatch transmitted station 220 for a fire reported opposite 135 Montgomery St. Upon arrival Eng 2 reported heavy fire and requested a 2nd alarm. At which time a addtional Eng & F.A.S.T Trk along with Batt 3
    DC 1 was sent due to filling out the working fire assignment and a full 2nd alarm (3 Engs
    and 2 Trks)This fire was in a 3 sty brk with fire on the 2nd and 3rd flrs. Primary searchs were delayed due to the heave fire condition, Materstreams were placed in operation and the fire was brought under control after about 20 mins, Just as the fire was under control (18:46 hrs) Fire Dispatch transmitted station 414 for a fire reported at 394 Liberty Ave which is across town (3rd Batt's district) Eng 11 reported a 3 sty frm with heavy fire on the 2nd & 3rd fls, again working fire units were dispatched. Batt 3 which was released from station 220 requested an additional 2 Eng's & 1 Trk (this tactic is usually used when there is another ongoing fire in the city so fire resources are not spread too thin). This fire was brought under control with in 25 min. At 2348 hrs Fire Dispatch transmitted station 414 for a fire reported a 394 Liberty Ave same address as earlier All Hands + fire. Before the fire company arrived on the scene, Fire Dispacted advised responding units that a off duty firemen was on the scene reporting a working fire. Fire Dispatch notified Batt 3 they were sending out the working fire units. this fire was brought under control within 30 min with the 1st alarm assignment.

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    correct sizeup on the 220 box 2nd alarm 10/18
    22story hi rise under constuction,fire was on the 11th floor

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