102699 @ 0620 hours. : Box 125, 8th & Franklin streets was transmitted for a building fire in the area of Lemon & Franklin streets. Responding on the box was E1,3,5, Sn1,L1,R1, a medic unit and chiefs 4 & 8. Car8 arrived on the scene a minute later and reported smoke showing from a 3 story brick, 20x200 foot windowless warehouse at 111-13 Lemon street containing food supplies. Fire in a 1st floor doorway had extended into the walls and the 2nd floor, creating a heavy smoke condition.The fire was brought under control in 30 minutes with 1&3/4-inch handlines, however companies needed more than an hour to ventilate smoke from the building. The fire caused an estimated $100,000 damage and was caused by an electrical short in a light switch.