HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INVESTIGATION: On Friday, October 29, 1999 at 7:27 AM, five Companies of Los Angeles Firefighters and two LAFD Rescue Ambulances under the direction of Battalion Commander Michael Reagan responded to a Hazardous Materials Investigation at 4053 South Redwood Avenue in the in Venice area. The first company to arrive on scene at “U.S. Computer Disc” was met by employees of the compact-disc processing firm who complained of a foul chemical odor. Though they denied knowledge of any chemical spill, several of the dozen-or-more employees on site at the two-story industrial building verbalized feelings of general malaise and a rapid heartbeat, symptoms which subsided when they exited the structure. An LAFD Hazardous Materials Task Force performed a detailed examination of the 50’ x 200’ structure, but was not able to identify a singular noxious substance. None of the occupants requested medical treatment and there were no injuries. Concern regarding sizeable quantities of acetone, isopropyl alcohol and polar solvents at the site necessitated the notification and response of LAFD Fire Prevention Bureau personnel. The incident was turned over to Los Angeles County Health Department officials.