At 3:15 this afternoon, E452, A459, SQ20 and Medic 10 were dispatched to
South Bound Route 301 near South Osborne Road in Upper Marlboro. When units
arrived on the scene they found a jackknifed tractor trailer tanker. The
tanker was hauling 4,200 gallons of Aluminum Chloride Solution. A 15 to 30%
solution used in Waste Water Treatment, was in a concentrated liquid form.
The product becomes corrosive when mixed with water. The tanker rolled on
it's side and broke a valve, releasing 1,300 gallons of the product. A 25
year old female suffered trouble breathing and chest pains after coming in
contact with a vapor cloud that developed after the product came in contact
with the heavy rain that was falling. She was transported to Southern
Maryland Hospital in stable condition. Both lanes of Route 301 were closed
until 8 PM, when the North bound lane reopened to accommodate both north and
South Bound traffic flow. Another tanker was brought in and the product was
off-loaded. The tanker was uprighted and towed from the scene. Maryland
State Police stated that charges were pending against the driver of the Haz
Mat tanker.

Mark Brady
Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department