Good afternoon, this is Lt. Charles Huber,Lancaster City Bureau of Fire,reporting on a fire that took place just outside of the city last night 11/3/99 at10:05p.m.
An electrical spark Wendnesday night started a fire in a large paint room at High Steel Structures. Two employees sustained minor injuries. The fire was upgraded to a second alarm by the responding Chief when he saw a large cloud of smoke over the plant.About 100 firefighters from nine departments were called. The paint room is 650-by-80 feet. Large steel beams are painted in this area, are used for the construction of highway bridges. The fire was investigated by Trooper Brian Herr the State Police Fire Marshal. It is believed to have started from a spark igniting paint vapors and spreading up the walls on old paint. The first in engine company led off with a 2.5" handline nocking down the fire quickly. The incident was put under control at 11:30 p.m There were 5 or 6 ladder companies on the scene.
There have been several other fires in this paint area prior to this one. There is no fire surprestion system in the paint area. Truck-2 and Truck-1 from Lancaster City were dispatched to assist on this call.