Thursday, 11/04/1999 @ 14:00 the Charleston Fire department in Montgomery County, NY was toned for a structure fire at the former Schweizer Lumber Yard on Route 162. The fire building was 100 X 150 and was fully involved upon arrival. This one had all the elements any firefighter needs to deal with--exposure problems, propane tanks, low manpower due to daytime. Truss roof/wood frame/Metal roofing and siding with a tremendous fire load of lumber stacked without benefit of stickers made this a long call. The fire building is a total loss with only 2 minor firefighter injuries. The building was fed electrically from a generator and initial, unconfirmed reports indicated there were issues with the electrical system shortly before the fire was discovered.
There are no hydrants in this area so this was handled totally with tankers and hoselays to a small pond onsite. As a mutual aid department, I responded after work +3 hours into the incident and there was major overhaul taking place, again, hindered by the abundance of all the metal siding and roofing and the large fire load of dry hardwood flooring stacked without benefit of stickers. At the juncture of 3 counties, there was a big response from each. At least 2 fill sites for tankers were used.

Partial list of responding departments and their response:

Schoharie County:

Carlisle-Tanker and manpower. Pumped from a pond via 4" to 1 of many scene pumpers.
Central Bridge-Engine, Tanker.
Esperance-2 tankers, Ambulance
Schoharie-Tanker, manpower
Sharon Springs-manpower
Middleburgh-cascade system, manpower

Montgomery County

At the scene:

Charleston-full station roll
Burtonsville-full station roll
Rural Grove
...I'm sure many more either covering stations or at the scene

Schenectady County: