Good afternoon, this is Lt.Charles M.Huber,Lancaster City Bureau of Fire,reporting on fire activity Sunday evening 11/7/99.Shortly after shift change the call activity started with a reported structure fire at 1730 hrs. at an large printing company on the East side of the city. Engines 3&2 and Trucks 1&2 responded en rout County Control reported a call from the plant reported the fire out.On arrival Truck-1 determinedthe main fire was knocked down by the plant fire brigade but there was still fire burning in a piece of machinery. Engine-3 took their highrise pack inside to connect to the plant standpipe system. Truck-2 checked for the best way to ventilate the building and determined to use the plant HVAC system since the fire area was about 400' inside the building, ventilation is allways a problem at this plant due to the size of the building.
With companies still on location at this incident another structure call came in at 1753 hrs. on the other end of the city for an apartment complex.Engine-1 responded being the only available unit left in the city, Engine-2 and Truck-2 responded from the first incident.On arrival Engine-1 determined the problem was smoke from burning mulch getting into the building and recalled Engine-2 and Truck-2. Engine-2 returned to the first incident and Truck-2 returned to quarters.
At 1827hrs. Truck-2 was dispatched to F&M College for an automatic fire alarm that turned out to be falsely pulled, while there Engine-1 was dispatched for a dumpster fire at 1833hrs.On arrival they had fully involved dumpster,when Truck-2 went available from their incident Engine-2 requested Truck-2 to stop and check a portapot for a set fire close to where they were operating. Both units cleared these incidents and returned to quarters.
At 2016 hrs Truck-2 was dispatched for a automatic fire alarm at 59 N.Prince St. in the downtown area of the city. On arrival Truck-2 found nothing showing on side-1 and 2 and people were outside the apartment house section of the multi use building. We checked the alarm panel which showed a adult video store part of the complex, we tried the front door which was locked, several people stated they were getting a smell of smoke in their apartments. We were about to go in and check on the smell when we turned around and saw smoke pushing from the adult video store door.I tried calling County Control by portable radio and didn't make contact and walked back to the truck the use the radio when the B/C called for a first alrm assignment for a structure fire and ordored Truck-2 to start a search of the apartments to make sure everybody was out of the building that contained 9 apartments.
This fire was knocked down quickly, a second alarm was struck that brought one off duty shift back to work, this fire was rulled arson. While units were still working this fire another structure fire came in with reported entrapment,the reserve Engine and the off duty shift that came in reported to this fire with Engine-2,3,and1 and Truck-1 leaving Truck-2 at the last fire.En rout County Control reported no entrapment but an explostion had taken place. Arriving companies reported a working fire on the second floor of a multi unit apartment house. One firefighter received a chemical burn to the top of his hand through his glove.A flow alarm came in for an industrial complex just up the street while they were working this inciden and had to break a unit loose to check this alarm out.
The last alarm of the tour came in at 0600 for a automatic fire alarm at Park City Mull, Engine-2 ran this call that turned out to be a system malfunction.
The men of C Platoon earned their pay with 16 people on duty with the help of A Platoon coming back on duty.
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