11-08-99: At 1741 hours, Box 2192 was transmitted for a fire at the Interstate Container Corporation, 118 N. Grace street in the city's Oakbrook section. Responding on the box was E14,5,8,1, L1, Sn1,R1, a medic unit and C3,5, & 7. Companies arrived to find smoke in the large industrial building and a fire involving the roof. Companies used 2, 1&3/4-inch handlines and extensive overhaul to bring the fire under control at 1852 hours. No injuries were reported in the fire which was started accidentally by workers using a torch earlier in the day. Damage was estimated at $20,000.
11-09-99: 2 large brush fires burned for almost an hour atop Mount Penn mountain near Drenkel field. City units were assisted by county units in battling the blaze which borders along the city/county line.Companies were dispatched at 1653 hours and had the fire under control at 1747 hours, with extensive overhaul.One firefighter was treated in a local hospital for a leg injury suffered while fighting the fire. City units assigned to the fire : E1,7,8,9,Brush-1,Medic 4, C3 & 6. County companies assigned on the fire: Co's 1,2,3,4 & 23.

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