On Oct.29 at approx. 16:00 Mont.Co. station (2) LaMott fire Co. Along with Engine 3 Elkins Park fire co.and rescue 5 Ogontz fire co.were dispatched for a vehicle rescue. Initial reports were a tanker truck carrying an unknown product had overturned and ruptured. Additional reports indicated that the tanker was carrying gasoline and that the driver had been removed. Upon arrival LaMott's Chief found a tractor trailer tanker carrying 8900 gal. of gasoline overturned and leaking. Directly beneath the tanker was a storm inlet and gasoline was leaking into this inlet at a good rate. The assignment also brought units from Phila. as the street on which the incident occured borders Phila. LaMottt's Chief immediately called for a Haz-mat team and implimented the I.C.S for Chelt. Twp assuming TWO COMMAND. Over the Next fourteen hours Chelt. Twp. units along with Phila. units and units from all over Montgomery County worked under a unified command system to bring this incident to a safe conclusion w/o ANY injuries to emergency services personell.
Assisting companies: Sta.1,4,9,99,7,850,860,82,100,300,400,500,41,Haz-Mat 19,Haz-Mat56,Bucks CO.Haz-Mat89, Phila.- E-63,L-29,BATT.2,M-18,E-60, HAZMAT-1,BATT.1,E-51,E-73,L-8,BATT.9, E-33,FOAM-133,DEPUTY-2,FM-17,PIPELINE-61,M33,ES5,FM-21,R-1,SA-1,M-28,HU-1 and Car-2 (Deputy Commisioner)