Cheltenham Twp. Pa. Oct. 29 th. 16:08 As I wrote previously a tank truck carrying 8900 gal. of gasoline overturned and ruptured on Chelt. Ave and Broad St. in Cheltenham Twp. the tanker came to a rest on the sidewalk a mere 7' from the front entrance to a Rite Aid store. The tanker was leaking from one of its 5 compartments and due to the fact the the tanker flattened on it's side 2 compartments were actually leaking. The gasoline was entering a storm drain approximately three feet away from the tanker. This strom drain system runs under Chelt.Ave east until it empties in to Mill Run Creek approximately 1 1/4 miles away. Crews were dispatched to this location almost immediately after units arrived at the crash site. When units first arrived there was no product entering the the creek, however; within 10 minutes of their arrival the producct did begin to enter the creek. Forunately crews had already placed booms in the creek and were prepared for foam operations for vapor suppression.
Back at the crash site crews were applying a foam blanket around the tanker, evacuating stores and setting up a 500' perimeter. After conferring with one another "TWO COMMAND" decided to allow members of Phila. Haz-Mat to enter and attempt to stop the leak. This was attempted using a 12" air bag, placing it beneath the rupture and inflating it. The leak was slowed considerably but not stopped. Crews mantained a foam blanket and air monitoring was performed throughout the incident while awaiting the arrival of a salvage and recovery company.