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    Post Reading,pa fires..

    Two large, wind driven brush fires burned dozens of acres on Reading's Mount Penn and Neversink mountains. Both fires, which occurred hours apart, required dozens of mutual aid county companies and the department of forestry assisting Reading companies in extinguishing the fires which officals believe were deliberately set. Gusty winds fanned the fires which began at the base of each of the mountains which surround the city and spread them up towards their peaks.
    Four firefighters were treated for minor injuries while battling the Mount Penn blaze. Personnel had to contend with steep, rocky terrain and darkness while battling the fires. The fires are the latest in a series of fires on both mountains since about April of this year. An investigation is continuing. The following is a break down of each fire & companies assigned:
    111499 : 1659 hours-Mount Penn Mountain behind Reading High School @ 13th & Oley streets. Fire was placed under control at 2351 hours. City companies assigned: E1,2,7,8,9,12,Brush-1,Medic 1 & 4, C-3,5,6, & 7, Canteen unit 200.
    County companies assisiting: Co's 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,13,19,21,23,33,34,35,36,37,40,42,43 ,49,54,56,70,71,72, Pa. Department of Forestry & a Schuylkill County rehab unit.
    111599: 0635 hours-Neversink Mountain at 10th & South playground. Fire was placed under control @ 0900. City companies assigned : E5,13,C3,6, & 7. County companies assisting : Co's 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,23,24,34,36,43,49,56,60,69,70, & Pa. Department of Forestry.
    111599 : At 1004 hours,while units were still wrapping up from the previous brush fires, Box 5, 8th & Windsor streets was transmitted for a dwelling fire at 922 No. 8th street. Responding on the box was E9,11,1,L3,R1,Medic1,C1 & 5. Companies arrived to find a locked, 2&1/2 story M.O.R dwelling with a fire on the first floor. Companies foreced entry and began searches.The fire was brought under control at 1024 hours by 1&3/4-inch handlines. No injuries were reported, and the cause is under investigation. Damage has been estimated at $35,000.

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    I just read on MyYahoo News that these are now being ruled arsons.

    Here's the article
    Forest Fires Ruled Arson - (READING) -- Reading police are offering a one-thousand-dollar reward as they try to track down an arsonist. Fire investigators say the large forest fires on Mount Penn and Neversink Mountain were deliberately set.
    The flames destroyed at least eight acres on Neversink yesterday... and almost two-dozen acres on Mount Penn Sunday. Firefighters had to climb steep mountainsides while dealing with high winds and dry forestland.

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