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    Angry Kennett Square, Pa. Volunteer firefighter charged with setting five other fires

    Thomas E.Roberts the volunteer firefighter already jailed and accused of setting five fires has been charged with setting six more in Chester County Pa.Roberts still is being investigated for possiable involement in a string of arsons in Kennett Square Borough.The estimate of damage from the six fires Roberts is charged with lighting total $1.1 million in property damage!

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    Certainly a black eye the profession could do without. Whatever the circumstances, I hope the sysstem treats him as any other vile arsonist. I do feel bad for his father though, as I myself am a chief. If my my son were in the same situation I'm not sure that I could forgive him. His actions placed many brother fire fighters at risk, and for what? Several years ago we had a similar situation in our area, fortunately all of the fires were of the nusance type (trash,leaves,etc.) however the fact remained it was unspeakable that a fire fighter could have been responsible. If he is shown mercy it would send a message to others, that as long as you are in a position of authority or public service you can get away with committing a crime. Well these are my feelings, and I'm curious to hear from other brother fire fighters on this matter. Stay safe and try not to think about whether or not your brother fire fighter has started the next fire you respond to!


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    I think this is sad for all the upstanding members of the Firefighter community. Does this guy have a clue at the cost and i do not mean monetary value the cost of human lives at stake for each blaze he sets??? I hope some how he has a sense of remorse for what he caused. In taking a look at the sight I find death and destruction everyday plaguing our communities . If this man has done this he should be tried and sentenced to fighting fires for free and risking his life for the lives he has put at risk Shame on you for calling yourself a firefighter. Salute the brothers who are still protecting the rest of us
    Lisa from a line of family in the profession

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