Jersey City, NJ (Hudson) On November 29, 1999
FDJC Fire Dispatch transmitted district 358 for a fire reported at 15 Jefferson Ave. Fire Dispacted advised responding units they were receiving multiple calls of a working fire. Upon arrival of the fire units there were reports of people trapped on the top flr of a three (3) stry wood frame structure. A second alarm was transmitted with the report of people trapped as Batt 3 reported heavy smoke from the 3 flr and the cockloft. Rescue operations were in place and a primary search was conducted, which was (-), secondary searches were also conducted and prove (-) as well, at which time it was determined that residents were evacuated by Police. This fire really took off as heavy fire engulfed the 3rd flr and shot through the roof, however a good stop was made as Trk 3 raised it's ladder and ladderpipe operations, along with a aggressive interior attack quickly knocked this blaze down.