Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department
News Update

December 1, 1999

Charles Burton Passes Away
Charles Burton, the long-standing current Chairman of the Prince George's
County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association, Past President of the PGCVF&RA
and Maryland State Fireman's Assocation and former Fire Chief of Landover
Hills, passed away earlier this week. He was recently recognized by county
and state officials for his lifelong committment to the county's volunteer
fire service at a ceremony at the HVFD.

Responses On The Rise
Our rescue squad's annual responses are likely to nearly double thanks in
part to a new dispatch order recently implemented in Prince George's
County. Fire and EMS calls in our first due are also expected to rise in
the next few years as the East West Highway corridor grows. The HVFD's
squad responded to two second-alarmers on opposite sides of the county in
less than 12 hours on the last day of the month.

Remembering HVFD Mascot 'Clyde'
The HVFD is mourning the loss of our popular mascot, 'Clyde', a dalmation
who was struck by a car near the station in late November.

Fund Drive Brochure Hitting the Streets
Available Online in PDF Format (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required - Images May
Not Show)
The HVFD's 1999-2000 Fund Drive brochure is hitting the streets now. Since
the loss of charitable gaming several years ago, the HVFD relies on
contributions from the community to support our operational and
administrative costs. Only a small percentage of our costs are covered by
tax dollars. Most budget items, including apparatus payments, are supported
entirely by our fund raisers. The fund drive brochure includes not only
fundraising and membership information, but also features articles and news
about the HVFD as well as fire safety tips for the winter. An HTML edition
of this year's fund drive with photos will be online soon.

HVFD 'Y2K Ready'
The Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department is planning to be fully staffed
on New Year's Eve with volunteer and career staffing to provide total fire,
rescue and EMS service.

According to the USFA, in the unlikely event that widespread Y2K-related
disruptions should occur, local fire and emergency departments may not be
able to turn to their counterparts in neighboring jurisdictions for help.
Instead, they will be forced to look for mutual aid from non-traditional
public and private sector resources in their own community. Identifying
these resources and developing intra-community mutual aid agreements are
key parts of an effective community disaster contingency plan.

The complete USFA Fact Sheet is available through:

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