Philadelphia Pa 12-1-99

1346 Hours- Box- 361- Front & York st
Fire reported 1800 E. Boston St- Factory

E-25, Piepline -6, E-29, Pipeline 50, L-3, L-16, B-8, B-10

1350 hours- E-25 reports he has a 4 story factory, 100 x 100 heavy fire, 3rd Floor.

1350 Hours- Medic-31, Deputy 2, Rescue 1 are dispatched.

1353 Hours- B-8 wants all companies to lead off with their heaviest water lines.

1356 Hours- B-8 wants all companies to go to an exterior attack with deluge guns.

1359 hours- 2ND ALARM IS STRUCK

Pipeline-34, Pipeline-20, Pipeline28, E-55, E-7, L-10, B-3, B-4, B-2. Medic-15, Field Comm-1

1408 Hours- Special Call- E-2, L-12

1410 hours- Air Unit-2 is dispatched.

1418 Hours- E-22 cover P-6, E-51 cover P-50, , Pipelne-49 cover P-20, Squrt-38 cover E-25, Tower Ladder 18, cover L-3, Snorkel-28 cover L-10


Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers