0518 Hours: E-53 is dispatched to 360 Snyder Ave. for smoke in the area.

0522 Hours: The Box is struck out.

Box: 0466 4th & Jackson
Fire reported at: 360 Snyder Ave-building

P-49, P-3, E-10, L-27, L-11, Batt-1, Batt-4

0525 Hours: E-53 onscene reporting medium smoke showing a 3 sty building 75 x 100 2 &2 in service

0533 Hours: Batt-1 onscene reporting a Building 75 x 100 heavy smoke conditions in the rear of building 2 & 2 inservice.

0533 Hours: M-11 is dispatched.

0534 Hours: Batt-1 reports he has all companies inservice.

0535 Hours: Deputy 1, Rescue 1 are dispatched.

0536 Hours: P-6, AU-2 are dispatched.

0542 Hours: Batt-1 has on the exposure BRAVO A 3 sty vacant bar 30 x 100. On the Delta exposure, there is a 3sty day care center 75 x 100

0547 Hours: Batt-1 reports he is making forcible entry. He still has heavy smoke conditions.

0552 Hours: Batt-1 reports fire in Delta exposure 1st floor rear


P-6, P-40,E-11,E-60,E-1, L-23,Snorkel 2, Batt-7, Batt-11, Batt-3

0555 Hours: Field Com 1 is dispatched.

0557 Hours: Deputy 1 reports 3 sty 75 x 100 companies just made entry visible fire in base area Ladder and Rescue 1 on extension still making forcible entry.

0605 Hours: Special Call: Snorkel 5, Task Force 9

0610 Hours: P-5 cover E-10, E-13 cover E-1, L-15 cover L-27

0612 Hours: L-15 is dispatched.

0614 Hours: Batt-1 reports all visible fire knocked down still has heavy smoke conditions 3rd floor.

0615 Hours: E-35 cover P-49, P-52 cover P-3, L-13 cover L-11, Tower Ladder 18 cover Snorkel 5.

0620 Hours: Deputy 1 reports he has roof opened up still has medium smoke condition 3rd floor all visible fire knocked down.

0621 Hours: E-16 cover P-5

0621 Hours: SA-1 is responding.


Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers