On a rainy and foggy morning on November 22 at 06:50 Medic 353, Engine 10-1, Engine 10-2,Rescue 15, and Rescue 353 were dispatched to 721 Fitzwatertown road for an
auto extrication. The County reported a female subject to be unconscious and
hanging out of the car. Upon Engine 10-1's arrival they reported a single
vehicle accident, car into a pole with entrapment. Rescue 15 arrived right
after E10-1. From here the two companies resources would be tested to the
limit. The vehicle had hit the pole on the drivers side right in front of the
"B" post. The impact was so great that the car bowed and bent into a U. The
pt was trapped between the B post and the telephone pole. By the looks of the
vehicle and the way that the pt was positioned you could tell that this
extrication was not going to be your standard rescue.The pt at this point was
semi-conscious but very vocal about the pain that she was in. Rescue 15's
crew deployed all of their hydraulic cutting tools and other specialty
equipment, as this was going to be an extensive operation. Engine 10-1 and
Rescue 15 stabilized the vehicle. Rescue 15 started on the passenger side and
E10-1 and E10-2 worked the drivers side. The entire passenger side of the car had to
come off to allow proper access to the pt because of the condition of the
roof and the interior of the car being wrapped around the pt. Once the doors
and B post had been removed from the passenger side, Rescue 15's crew had
many of their members completing different tasks. While one was in the car
removing the passenger seat, steering wheel and gear shifter the others were
utilizing the cordless sawzalls to remove the C posts. Engine 10-1 and E10-2's crew were
utilizing the Fire Companies Combi-Tool and the Second Alarmers Rescue trucks tools on
the drivers side to remove the roof. Once the roof was removed the Paramedics
had much better access to the pt. Rescue 15 had to cut part of the drivers
seat away from the pt with the 7" cutter in order to get her out of the
vehicle. Once they accomplished that, the next task was to remove the pt.
without causing her any more anguish or pain than she was already feeling.
The pt's level of consciousness was still questionable at this point, she was
in and out. Her injuries were more than severe and the crews knew that they
were working against the clock with this young lady. Overall it took 20
minutes to extricate her from the mangled vehicle. Once the drivers seat was
cut back this allowed for the paramedic to move the seat back enough that
they could extricate the pt. and move her to the ambulance which would take her
the Abington Trauma Center. The pt was transported as a Class I Trauma by the
Second Alarmers Rescue Squad Medic 353-4. In the end this extrication
tested the capacities of these rescuers. There were a multitude of different
aspects that had to be considered in this case. It is sometimes hard on the
rescue personnel when they know that their victim is young and severely injured, like this girl was, but they all kept their cool through the whole situation. Whether it was the
Captain who at one point held the pt's hand and talked to her to re-assure her that it would be ok, or the guys who were cutting and spreading all the metal that was twisted around the girl. They
ran into some situations that were difficult, but they pressed on and figured
out a way around it. All in all the three agencies worked together hand in
hand effecting the rescue of this young girl and ultimately saving her life.
This just proves that teamwork is the most effective work. Good work guys.

Meredith was visited in the Hospital on the 8th of December and is doing much better than originally anticipated. She does have a skull fracture, fractured left face and a broken jaw, which requires her jaw to be wired. She has a trachea so she can breathe until they unwire her jaw. Her lung was severely contused but is healing, her pelvis was broken and she is starting to rehab that. Overall she is doing well considering, the treacherous trauma that she was subjected to. She is expected to be in the hospital until just before Christmas. She is in good spirits and is looking forward to going home! We took a card to her from the Willow Grove and Horsham Fire Companies, we also took her a pair of WGFD sweats for her to wear in the hospital. She liked the gifts as did her parents......Once again great job to all emergency personnel that were involved in this extrication.