An early morning dwelling fire in the city did $65,000 damage to the second floor of a duplex at 913 Virgina Ave. The fire was dispatched at 0200 and put under control at 0430. Cigarette ashes were put into a plastic bag hanging on a closet door in the bedroom.The smoke detector on the second floor activated. the lady of the house went to the bathroom and got water and threw on the fire with no affect, the husband ran up the street and got a fire extinquisher out of his truck but could not get back to the upstairs because of heat and smoke., at this time a neighbor called 911! The shame of this is the owner was a ex-volunteer firefighter and should have known how inportant it is to call the fire dept. before trying to fight the fire. Two off duty shifts were recalled on the 3rd. and 4th. alarms.Do to man power shortage Truck-2 on the West side of the city was out of service and Truck-1 had to respond accross the city! A fire in Warwick Twp.Sunday afternoon about 1400 gutted a single family home at 1440 Dridge Hill Rd. Nine volunteer fire companies and tankers from seven other companies shuttled water. No damage estimate has been given it displaced a family of nine.