Philadelphia Pa- 12-23-99
Hours- 2010
Tac-Box-2847,45th & Walnut St..
Fire reported at 219 Melville St

Pipeline-5, E-68, L-6, L-13, B-11

2011 hours- Medic 14 is dispatched
2012 hours- Medic 3 is dispatched

2013 hours- B-11 reports he has light smoke showing, 1-1 are to go in service.

2015 hours- B-11 reports he has a 3 story dwelling 16x45, with fire on the 3rd floor middle room.

2017 hours- The box is filled out.

Squrt-57, E-44 B-7

2030 hours- B-7 reports he has fire through the roof. all companies are in service.

2030 hours- Deputy 1 and Rescue 1 dispatched.

2041 hours- B-11 reports heavy fire 3rd floor, fire is being knocked down on 1st and 2nd floor.

2044 hours- 2ND ALARM

Pipeline-20, E-16,Squrt-43, E-24, Pipeline-40, L-9, B-1, B-3, B-4, Field Com-1, Medic-26

2051 hours, Special Call- L-24
2054 hours- Air Unit-1 , E-13 dispatched.

2054 hours- E-45 cover Pipeline-5, Pipeline-6 cover E-44, Pipeline-3 cover Squrt-43

2104 hours- B-11 reports they have fire through the roof, and extention to b and d exposures of the same size dwelling.
2113 hours- SA-1 reponding.

Note- Firefighters found a 80 year old adult male in the rear of the first floor, who was pronounced DOA at the scene.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers