Philadelphia Pa 12-28-99-
Two Philadelphia firefighters were injured when a rear wall of a 3 story dwelling collapsed, on them. Fellow firefighters removed both of them from the rubble, and as of this writing both were in stable condition at a area hospital.The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

2210 Hours: Tactical Box 4691 49th St & Warrington Ave.
Fire Reported at: 918 S. Saint Bernard St-a dwelling

E-68, SQ-57, L-13, L-6, B-7

2214 Hours: B-7 onscene reporting a 3 sty Twin 20 x 50, light smoke 2nd floor 1 & 1 in service.

2222 Hours: Box struck out.

P-5,E-47, B-11

2223 Hours: M-23 is dispatched.

2223 Hours: B-7 reports he has fire in a second floor middle bedroom. 2 & 2 inservice.

2230 Hours: SQ-43 cover P-5, E-41 cover SQ-57, L-23 cover L-6

2231 Hours: Deputy 1 & Rescue 1 is dispatched.

2236 Hours: B-7 reports he has fire on the 2nd & 3rd floor.

2237 Hours: B-7 requests 2 engines to respond.

SQ-43, E-44

2238 Hours: M-37, M-36, M-25 is dispatched.

2239 Hours: E-29, Rescue 101 ( collapse unit) is dispatched.


E-16, E-24, P-20, TF-4,B-1, B-3, B-4, ES-4, Field Com 1

2246 Hours: P-34 is dispatched.

2247 Hours: B-7 reports he has a collapse in the rear, 1 firefighter is trapped,doing a head count.

2250 Hours: B-7 reports the firefighter is out.

2253 Hours: E-35 cover E-41, P-49 cover P-40, P-6 cover P-5, TF-11 cover E-68

2259 Hours: P-52 cover P-20

2306 Hours: B-7 reports heavy fire in the rear and has water on the fire.

2308 Hours: SA-1 is responding.

2315 Hours: B-7 reports heavy fire delta side, fire knocked down in oringinal building, making good progress

2318 Hours: B-7 request additional engine.


2321 Hours: B-7 reports he has bulk of the fire knocked down, fire 3rd floor B Exposure.

2343 Hours: Bulk of the fire knocked down, member inside checking exposures


Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers