Firefighters from Sullivan County's station 50, 51, 52, and 57 and Lycoming County company 24, 26, 21, and 27 responded to a fully involved farm structure, possibly entrappment on 12/29/99 at 01:30 am. Upon arrival Chief 52 reports, Two story brick building fully consumed, brick shell remaining. Occupants exited safely. Ladder 20 from Montoursville was on standby. Tanker 50 responded, Station 50 was manned in quarters. Squad 57, responded to move up assignment at station 52, at 04:21 am. Upon arrival of Truck 52, an adjacent barn began to burn, and soon after collapsed.PSP at Laporte recieved the call from a passing car. Fire was out and under control by 08:00 hours. Stations 52 and 26 were dispatched back to the scene for a rekindle at 21:23 hours, Units with exception of Tanker 52 were re called. avail. 21:48 hours.
Fire Report 12/30/99 15:00:00 hours