DATE/TIME: 010100/0930PST
RELEASE: 00-001


Six adults were taken to area hospitals Saturday morning, suffering from
carbon monoxide poisoning. Five of the adults appear to be critical. They
were found unconscious in their apartment by a friend, who was also taken to
hospital, as a precaution, to be checked out. Firefighters found a
bar-be-que in the kitchen of the small apartment, apparently the source of
the deadly gas.
Las Vegas Fire Paramedics received the call at 6:09AM, Saturday morning
of a person down at 1910 FERRELL STREET (Vegas & Rancho). When Paramedics
arrived on the scene, they found five adults, four males and one female, all
estimated to be in the 20's or 30's unconscious in the apartment. They were
found at various locations in the apartment, some in the living room and
others in the bedroom. They were found by a woman who came to their
apartment, she was also taken to the hospital to checked out. Firefighters
used a sophisticated meter from the Hazardous Materials Team to measure the
level of the gas in the apartment. They estimated the level to be
approximately 14 times above the safe limit. They used blowers to blow fresh
air into the apartment before they left the scene. A small tabletop
bar-be-que was found in the kitchen, filled with charcoal, smoldering.
Firefighters believe that was the source of the gas.
The victims were taken to University Medical Center and Sunrise
Hospitals. Both facilities have hyperbaric chambers, a device, which uses
oxygen pressure to force the gas out of the body. The human body absorbs
carbon monoxide, a tasteless, odorless, invisible gas, 200 times faster than
oxygen. It first makes victims drowsy and sick. In later stages it causes
unconsciousness and eventually death. It was at this same time last year
that a family of four was found by Paramedics unconscious in their home on
the city's Eastside. They all recovered fully.