At approx 09:35am, 1/13/2000, Sta. 53 and 57 were dispatched for a county electric man pinned under a tree.Unit on scene reports a large tree rolled over a man on a steep grade. Inital exam, deformed hip, radius, neck and head injuries. Victim was transported by Truck 53 to Rte. 87, to meet with amb. 2-57, and medic 103. Units were avail. at 10:50am. Responding were, Trk. 53, Squad 57, amb. 2-57. Units from Rural Electric assisted in removal of the tree. Rescue efforts were made dangerous by strong winds, bitter cold temperatures, and heavy snow.

This is an on-scene report from a county fire officer. This is from what I viewed on-scene, and the accident report. This is in no way linked to members of stations 53, 57, or 103.