1-14-00 @ 10:20hrs., Station 1240 (Fairmount Fire Co. of Lansdale) was dispatched to 959 Wedgewood Dr. in Lansdale Boro. for a dwelling fire. Caller stated that her neighbor came to her door and told her her house was on fire. Second call from 961 Wedgewood Dr. stated that connecting twin home next to 961 was on fire. Police arrived at 10:26hrs. and reported working house fire. Chief 1255 arrived at 10:29hrs., and confirmed a working house fire. Chief 1255 requested a second alarm at 10:30hrs. Station 12 (Colmar) was dispatched to the fire scene. Squirt 1242 arrived first and attacked the main body of fire from side 1. Fire advanced due to high winds and extended to 957 and 961 Wedgewood Dr. Chief 1255 requested manpower assist at 10:51hrs. This brought Station 17 (Hatfield) to the fire scene. An agressive attack was made on the exposure fires and the incident was brought under conrol at 11:47hrs. E-76-3 (Towmencin) covered Sta. 1240, E-7-2 (Wissahickon) covered Sta. 12, E-74-2 (Souderton) covered Sta 17. E-76-3 and 74-2 were called to the scene at reduced speed at 12:34hrs. to help with overhaul. Also assisting at this incident: Squad 345 (Vol. Medical Service Corps.), North Penn Goodwill Canteen, Lansdale Boro Police, Hatfield Twp. Police. Last units cleared at 16:09hrs.

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