1-21-00 @ 15:29hrs.,Station 12(Colmar) was dispatched to County Line Rd. & Stump Rd. in Montgomery Twp. for a vehicle rescue. Police on the scene at 15:32hrs. confirmed rescue, with 1 vehicle broadside into a pole. Deputy 12 arrived at 15:34hrs. and reported 1 driver class 2, heavily entrapped. A second rescue co. was requested at 15:35hrs. This brought Rescue 34 (Chalfont, Bucks County) to the scene. Bucks County Communications also received calls on this incident and dispatched a rescue box assignment to the scene. Station 29 (Warrington, Bucks County) was due on the box, and Rescue 29 and E-78 responded to the scene. R-12-2 arrived first and stabilized the vehicle. Roof removal operations were then started for patient access. R-12-3 arrived next and sent their manpower to the vehicle for a steering wheel pull and a front end displacement. R-29 and E-78 arrived and assisted with these assignments. E.M.S. put Medevac in the air at 15:42hrs. R-12-3 officer was the landing zone contact and set up a landing zone adjacent to the accident scene. Medevac 3 was ariborne at 15:44hrs. with a 8 minute flight time. Steering wheel and front end successfull and the patient was removed from the vehicle at 16:04hrs. Patient transported priority 1 by Medevac 3 to Hannemann Hospital in Philadelphia. Also assisting at this incident: Squad 345 (Vol. Medical Service Corps.), Montgomery Twp. Police, New Britian Twp. Police. Units cleared the scene at 16:25hrs.