On 1/22/00 at 1535 hrs Bayonne Comm.Center
was receiving numerous calls for a fire at
86 W.16th St,Engines 4,3,5 , Truck 2 and Car 4-1(group batt. chief)were dispatched.As Eng 4 approached the scene heavy smoke could be seen in the area.As Eng 4 pull up to the to the front of the building they had heavy fire
on the second floor and "B" side alleyway of a 2.5 story frame that was extending into the
exposure "B" a 3 story frame. Car 4-1 order the 2nd alarm while still enroute to the scene.Eng 2 and Truck 1 were dispatched to the scene also Eng 6 was dispatched as the RIT unit and Rescue 1 (air unit)along with Eng 1.With the 2nd alarm in Chief of Dept.and the Fire Director and Deputy Chief responded to the scene.Fire took hold of the top floors of both buildings while allhands worked aggressively in the interior of both buildings.Fire started to threaten exposure"D" and Truck 2 put their 95ft tower ladder to work and members were pulled from the oringinal fire building, this building the 2.5 sty frm had an attic apt.The exposure "B" building had a third floor added on to it and numerous renovations done to it over the years which gave crews problems with a number of hidden voids throughout the stucture.Truck 3 was special called to the scene. and then another sp.call brought reserve Truck 4 to scene, also recall of unknown number of offduty men was also done.Temps at the fire were around 18 degree's with wind chill -5 degree's making severe iceing conditions throughout thr firegound It was a stubborn fire with a lot of chasing of fire in both sructures. at one point the air unit ran out of air and had to leave to refill their tanks.The fire was undercontrol around 1825 hrs and the box number was 326