On 1/22/00 Atlanta recieved a serious dose of winter.Starting at noon the all day rain turned into freezing rain,by 2300 hrs the trees and power lines began to fall.The dept responded to appox 150 alarms between 2300 hrs and 0700 hrs,almost all were weather related.At least 6 working fires thoughout the city were caused by cold temps or falling poerlines.
The first major incident was at 2330 hrs. First arriving companies found a one story wood frame fully involved,with fire extending into two exposures.Help was called and another eng and truck were assigned.Under control at 0030.
The next major incident was at 0200 hrs, a trailor fire , heavily involved killed three people found inside,another person was seriously injured.
The last major fire was a very large two story frame,balloon construction,plaster and lath walls and ceilings hapered efforts.Help was called and in the end it took the efforts of 6-engines 3-trucks,and the squad to bring this fire under control.
Were expecting more winter weather on friday.