on the morning of 1-22-00 at the intersection of us rte 60 and sunday road , a 1979 chevy pick-up was struck by a 18-wheeled gasoline tanker and knocked 20 ft over an embankment into a creek bed. upon impact the pick-up burst into flames. on his way to work nuttall vol. fire dept. (fayette co. st 17 ) lieutenant rick lewis witnessed the accident and stopped to assist. lewis found that the 46yoa male driver was trapped in the pick-up. risking his safety without protection of gear rick pried open the door of the burning truck and with the help of an unknown bystander poulled the unconscious man to safety. by the time fire units from nuttall and ansted arrived the truck was fully involved. the man was transported to the hospital by jan-care amb, treated and released. the fire was extinguishes and the leak of gas from the pick-up was cleaned up .