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    Post Newton Ma. 5 alarm fire

    Newton Mass 5 alarm fire at 200 Boylston St. a three story office building. 2 people were injured, one was a fire fighter with a back injury. 3 people were rescued from upper floors. 3 people still unacounted for possably inside. Third floor collapsed into the second. Back wall of building collapsed to the ground."Go Fish" restaurant on ground level offices above. Workers in the building tried to extinguish the fire which caused the delay of the fire department. Conditions were windy fire took off when it reached the roof.

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    Update Newton(MA)
    One comfirmed fatality and authorities continue the process of accounting for people who where inside when the fire began. As of 1630 hrs at least 3 people are still unaccounted for. Currently attempting match vehicle registrations with owners located in building's parking lot.Extensive ladder pipe operations in use.Significant Mutual Aid to the fire and cover city.

    Update as of 1725,officials are now concentrating on the possibilty of 4 people as now being unaccounted for. Firefighters are now back in the building searching for those who are missing.

    Update at 2230, Newton officials confirm 4 people are unaccounted for and will begin searching the building at 0700 Thursday with use of MSP k-9s. Conditions of the building are unstable due to several partial wall collaspes.

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