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    Greg Masi
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    Post Philadelphia, PA- Construction Accident

    Philadelphia Firefighters, Police Officers, and other City Agencies responded this morning to a construction accident, when workers while pouring cement for a
    slab at the New Center for Performing Arts, suddenly gave way trapping workers
    for approx. 45 minutes. A total of 9 workers were transported to 3 area hospitals for injuries. None appeared to be life threatening at the time of this writing.

    835 Hours-Box- 2217 -Broad & Locust St
    Incident reported at 260 S. Broad St, at the construction site, a collapse.

    Squrt-43, Pipeline-20, E-11, E-10, Snorkel- 5, Ladder-9, Batt-1, Batt-4, Rescue-1, E-29, Rescue-101, M-1 and M-34

    839 Hours--ES-4 and Deputy 1

    842 Hours- M-21, M-11, M-15, M-9 dispatched

    844 Hours- Medic-7 is dispatched

    857 Hours- Special Call- L-11 and L-1

    904 Hours- L-16 cover L-11, L-27 cover Snorkel-5, L-13 cover L-11, L-12 cover
    L-1, Pipeline-52 cover E-11

    910 Hours- Special Call- E-66 and ES-10 (Mass Casualty Unit), and PHA collapse

    916 Hours- Special Call-L-27 and L-16, Medic-27, and E-12

    920 Hours- SA-1 responding

    938 Hours- B-1 reports that all workers have been accounted for.

    945 Hours-Incident Under Control

    Greg Masi
    Phila.Second Alarmers

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    Greg, Thanks for all the Philadelphia information. Keep up the great work.

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