021400: A dog locked in a 2nd floor bedroom of a home at the request of Police officers investigating a domestic problem, knocked over candles igniting a fire which heavily damaged a Northwest Reading home. The police officers became aware of the fire on the 2nd floor and evacuated the occupants and their pets and alerted firefighters. At 2243 hours Box 512, 6th & Spring streets was transmitted for a structure fire at 961 Church Street. Companies arrived at 2244 and reported a 2&1/2 story E.O.R dwelling with heavy fire showing 2nd floor, with fire spreading into the attic. Companies made an aggressive attack with 2--1&3/4-inch handlines bringing the fire under control by 2305 hours. An additional truck company was special called to assist with overhaul. Two firefighters were treated at the scene for minor burns and 1 police officer was treated for minor smoke inhalation. The fire caused $25,000 damage to the building of origin and $3,000 to an adjoining property. Companies assigned on the Box: E11,9,3,L3,R1,Medic6,C5 & C7. Special call : L1