Thursday afternoon a male knocked on the door of Fire Station #1 on W.King St. in Lanc.City reporting a structure fire in the next block. We opened the overhead doors and could see smoke overtop the row homes and apartments in the 300 block of W.King St. The personel were getting their gear on and getting into Engine #1 and Truck-2 when the station tones activated reporting a structure fire in the 300 block of W.King St. I reported to County dispatch that Eng.#1 and Truck-2 were responding with smoke showing. On arrival we had a three story middle of the row two unit apt. house with smoke coming from the roof, due to electric lines we couldn't set the truck up for aerial operations. I had the truck crew raise a 35' extension ladder to the third floor on side-1. Myself and the Officer from Eng.#1 entered the building from side-1 searching for the fire, on the stair landing on the third floor we found a two ft. square door leading into a cockloft above a two story apt.attached on side-3. The door was extremely hot with fire burning around the window frame on the exterior just above the door.We called for a line to be stretched to our location. I tried to find my way into this area of the building not knowing this was a separate apt. and had to be entered from side-2 on the exterior. I proceeded around to side-2 and 3 and climbed a fire escape on a adjoining building to get a better look. The whole roof area of the two story apt. section was pushing heavy smoke with fire starting to burn into the mansard roof of the main building. At this time extra alarms were struck to bring all three off duty shifts back to man our two reserve engines and provide more man power at the scene. The truck crews brought ladders and saws to the rear and gained access to the roof to open it up. Myself the Acting Officer and a firefighter from Engine #2 entered the rear apt. and went to the second floor. There was no fire showing and very little smoke, we had a charged 1.75" line with us. We began opening the ceiling and encountered heavy fire in the cockloft above the two rooms on the second floor. This fire knocked down quickly with our line while the truck crews were opening up from the outside. Extention was stopped in the mansard roof with good truck work in opening up this area and extinquishing the fire in this area.After the off duty personel starting arriving the original crews were rotated out to rehab and most of the overhaul was done by the recalled shifts. Three engines and two trucks were used on the scene with two 1.75" and one 2.5" line being put into service. All companies were recalled by 1645. The damage estimate is $30,000. It looks like the cause might be a ceiling light fixture. No injuries were reported as far as I know of firefighters or civilians. I hope to up date this later with a damage estimate and cause.
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