At appro 01:00 am 2/19/2000, Sullivan County stations 53, 56, and 57 were dispatched to a cabin fire on the Rock Run Road in Forks Twp.
Upon arrivial, Chief 2-53 reports access to cabin is nearly impossible due to more than a foot of snow and heavy ice. Due to ice, there was a delayed responce of firefighters to the stations, and fire sirens were activated, and a call was made for Tankers from 51, 54, and 58. Units that responded were, truck 53, truck 1-53, tanker 53, tanker 51, tanker 54, tanker 58, amb. 1-57, truck 57, engine 57, tanker 57, and truck 56. There was no telephone avail. to the residents. Hoses were laid up the hill, and the fire was fought from Rte. 87, until Trucks 53, and 57, arrived on scene. The cabin was burned to the foundation by 04:00am when the fire was fully extinguished. There was an estimated 30 minute delay from when the fire started, to when a call was made to the Lycoming county 911 center. All units were available at 04:30am. Volunteers transported the family who was staying at the cabin, to a local inn.